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Chevy Suburban vs. Ford Expedition Comparison Biggers.

The Chevy Suburban enjoys a lot more widespread popularity than the Expedition, and that’s reflected in its sales, which are 9% higher. Brand quality is another important distinction. J.D. Power and Associates’ 2018 study on long-term dependability shows that Chevy vehicles are more reliable than Fords across the board. The Expedition comes in two different sizes: the standard size and the bigger, long-wheelbase Expedition Max which is more like the Chevy Suburban than the Tahoe. The standard Expedition is six inches longer, three inches wider and two inches taller than the Tahoe which means the Ford will take up a little more space in your garage. Safety scores should only be compared between vehicles of similar size and weight. Larger, heavier vehicles generally provide more protection than smaller, lighter ones.

2018 Ford Expedition: More Power, More Passenger Space, More Capabilities and Better Gas Mileage than the 2018 Chevrolet Suburban. As you can see in the table above, the 2018 Ford Expedition bests the 2018 Chevy Suburban in every possible way – whether it be by a large margin or a small one. May 22, 2018 · Nevertheless, the SUV must improve its performance. We will also see where the company is planning to slot it. By size, it is bigger than Expedition. Also, the base on F-250 truck promises big score for towing capacity. Furthermore, stories about Expedition and hybrid engine could also make the 2019 Ford Excursion one of the next electric models. Performance With the Ford Expedition Max, you'll be able to pull heavier loads than the Chevrolet Suburban. The Ford Expedition Max has a little more horsepower than the Chevrolet Suburban. Utility In terms of seating, you'll be able to fit about the same number of people in both the Ford Expedition Max and the Chevrolet Suburban. You'll be able to fit about the same amount of groceries in the Ford.

Why are Ford Expeditions less popular than Suburbans? I'm looking for a used 4WD full size SUV right now, which basically means a Suburban or an Expedition. Budget is around $15k, give or take. I've been shocked by how much lower the prices are on Expeditions compared to Suburbans. Other than "better marketing", are there any key reasons why. Jun 17, 2009 · Mini Vans commonly have third row seating and storage and that's not easy to find in SUV's. Ford's Expedition and the Chevy Suburban have two bucket seats up front and two benches. Your adverage SUV just has the two buckets and a single bench in back. A minivan is often built on a truck frame, but it's usually a midsized truck. The burb handled the trip on interstate much better than f150. More power, better brakes and more stable. So these are the only TVs Ive used with this trailer. We are looking at 2000-2003 Expedition 5.4l, Excursion 6.8l or Suburban 1/2 5.3l or 3/4 ton. 4x4. I know the Excursion and 3/4 Burb is more than enough to do the job plus more.

Jul 27, 2005 · View the slide show comparing the Excursion to the Suburban.Such a vehicle has a potentially larger market due to the Expedition's name recognition; so far this year, Ford has sold eight times as many Expeditions as Excursions in America. Comparison shoppers ordinarily find the Suburban a more reasonable full-size SUV than the Excursion. Jan 31, 2012 · Expedition EL vs Suburban No chevy or ford bashing please. So I owned a 2003 Tahoe for some time, but with a growing familly I need the extended length of a Suburban. The Tahoe has almost no room behind the third row of seats. The 2016 Chevy Suburban is a capable full-size SUV that can carry up to nine passengers in a refined interior and tow up to 8,300 pounds of family entertainment. The 2016 Ford Expedition proves there's a place in the world for old-school SUVs, especially those with turbo power, adaptive suspensions, and luxury-truck trim.

May 05, 2007 · General Motors expanded its powerful empire with the addition of the Tahoe and Yukon 4-door models. Based on the same platform as the Suburban, Tahoe and Yukon were appreciably shorter and slightly less-expensive than their bigger brother. They carried a maximum of 6 passengers, huge amounts of cargo, and best of all, they fit in most garages. With a difference of a little more than $4,000 between the base prices of the SUV, the Expedition is much more affordable, and seeing as you get more truck for your buck, the question of whether the 2015 Ford Expedition or 2015 Chevy Suburban is better has a definitive answer.

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